Clover Foraging Toy






Paper cupcake liners (preferably green or yellow)

All-purpose flour


Bird treats of your choice


First step, draw a four leaf clover on the cardboard. My clover is 14” tall. Consider the size of your bird when drawing your clover. Next, use scissors to cut out the clover (fig.1).

Now, take your paper cupcake liners and put the bird treats of your choice in them. Twist the top of the liner to create a ball (fig.2).

To make the bird-safe glue: pour flour in a bowl, then, add room temperature water and mix with a spoon until a gluey consistency (fig. 3). (Don’t make the glue until you are ready to attach the balls.)

Next, dip the bottom of the ball into the glue and stick it to the four leaf clover base. Decorate the clover with as many balls as you would like (fig.4). Let the balls dry for 5-10 minutes.

Create a small hole at the top of the toy. Put the twine through the hole and make a knot. Use the twine to hang the four leaf clover bird toy. Allow the glue to dry completely (fig. 5).

Hang and let your parrot play! (fig 6)