Amber and Blossom

Amber and Blossom arrived together. They are not caged together but enjoy the company of having their cages next to one another. Their antics are quite amusing as they communicate through interesting vocalizations and movements. While neither speak words, both can be chatty at times making a variety of sounds. Sometimes they emit a high pitched screech, so their forever home would not have other pets that are sensitive to high frequencies. Their foster has two dogs, and it does not seem to bother them. They also do fine with dogs in the room. Amber is a curious and outgoing Meyer’s parrot that is about 10 to 15 years old. She loves dancing and appreciates music being left on when her foster leaves the house. Amber is great at being toweled. She is exellent when out of her cage and enjoys hanging out on her cage-top perch. She loves being preened by and getting rubs from her foster mom. She has learned how to step up and continues to make progress everyday at learning new things. Blossom is a shy Meyer’s parrot that is about 10 to 15 years old. She is blind in her right eye and has a couple toenails missing from her right foot. This causes her to be somewhat uncomfortable outside of her cage, but she is getting better everyday and will now sit on top of her cage and enjoy treats. She is becoming more comfortable with being toweled. Blossom loves to bathe in her water bowl every day, so frequent water changes are necessary. She enjoys listening to music and has been caught dancing on her perch. She is sweet but scared and needs lots of love. She has come a long way from when she first arrived at her foster home. Neither Amber nor Blossom are territorial. They graciously let anyone reach in their cages to change food, water, and bedding. Their foster home has a Conure, and he and Amber hang-out cage-top style, but each atop their own cage, and they do fine together. Amber and Blossom also hang-out together outside of their cages and are always concerned for one another. They are very sweet. Amber and Blossom love their treats! Nutri-Berries and spray millet top the list. They are great produce eaters and will at least try anything that is put in their food bowls. They really enjoy baby carrot sticks and apple slices. Their foster has greatly enjoyed watching their personalities develop as they become more comfortable with their surroundings. They will be loveable and entertaining additions to their forever home.

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