Fred and Ellie

Meet Fred + Ellie. They didn’t come to STAR as a pair, but they quickly became bonded to one another at their foster home. Fred and Ellie are lively and loud. They are both cage territorial but Fred will be your buddy once he is away from the cage and Ellie. Ellie will hang out on a human shoulder if Fred is with her but prefers the company of birds once she insures that she is the flock leader. Ellie can be aggressive towards birds that she doesn’t like. Fred has a heart condition and needs medication daily. Since he has started medications, he has been happy and lively without any incident. They do not like food pellets and that is what lead Fred to have a heart condition. They will eat pellets if that is all that is available, but they will be extra loud in protest of the “horrible” situation of only having pellets available to eat. They will eat their fruits and veggies if they are mushed and mixed with seeds. They love tearing up paper, foraging packets and boxes, but if it is too difficult to get into they will give up on it.. They both bite and will draw blood if your hands are not covered while getting them in and out of the cage. Ellie likes to dance to Bob Marley and similar music.

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