This is Max. Max is a 29-year-old Catalina Macaw. He loves to talk when no one else is looking. Max’s plumage under his wings is slightly rough, as he used to pluck. Since being with his Foster Parent, Max has stopped plucking. He enjoys being in his cage and it takes some coaxing in order to get him to come out of his cage. Once he is out, he will go to virtually anyone. Right now, Max is learning to adjust to his new diet as his previous diet was very high in sugars. He is enjoying his fruit blend and loves eating apples and grapes the most. If you are sitting down to eat, Max insists he must eat what you have and will attempt to join you for dinner! Max hasn’t really shown any interest in playing with toys but is very accepting of the dogs that are in the home. Max does great in the shower for a bath and enjoys testing his bathroom singing!

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