drinking glass

1 party hat

crinkle paper

bird treats (millet, seeds, nuts, etc.)

2 coffee filters, paper, or cardboard

all-purpose flour

room temperature water

paper cupcake liners (optional)

To make the bird-safe glue: pour flour in a bowl, then add room temperature water and mix with a spoon until a gluey consistency (fig.1).

Remove the elastic string from the hat. Then, take your party hat and check if it has any cracks or holes in it. If so, dip your finger inside the glue and fill in the cracks (fig.2). You can secure the hat with tape while the glue dries for 5-10 minutes, then gently peel off tape.

What’s a foraging toy without treats and crinkle paper? Now it’s time to put your crinkle/shredding paper inside the party hat! Then add your bird treats (fig.3). For more foraging fun, you can put bird treats inside cupcake liners and twist them at the top and place them in the party hat  (fig.4).

The next step is to put on the coffee filters. Take one coffee filter and spread the glue around the outside edge (fig.5). Place the filter over the party hat and press the sides against the hat to glue it in place. Now coat the entire inside of the second coffee filter with glue. Place the second filter over the first filter on the party hat (fig.6). If you do not have coffee filters you can use paper instead. If your bird is really good at foraging you can use cardboard.

Place the hat inside a drinking glass to hold it and let it dry overnight (fig.7).

Hang and play!