If you have a bird, or birds you would like to surrender into the rescue, please contact us as soon as possible.

Someone will follow up within 48 hours and go over the next steps with you! We look forward to speaking with you!

Please contact us to

Surrender a Bird

    If you’re ready to surrender a bird now, you may also go ahead and fill out our surrender form.  We’ll be in touch once we’ve had time to review.


    View form HERE


    How long will it take to surrender my bird?

    Since we rely on fosters to take birds, we must wait until we have a foster available to take your bird.  Assuming a foster is available, someone should arrange for you to drop off the bird and or cages/toys/food within 72 hours of confirmation we have an available foster.


    Where will my bird go?

    All of our birds live in approved foster homes.  In order to be a foster with STAR, a foster must pass a background check, a vet check (for other pets) and have a completed home visit.  We make sure all of our fosters have had training on important and vital things to remember when caring for a parrot.

    Should I donate the cage/toys as well?

    PLEASE!  It’s best not to disrupt the bird’s life anymore than necessary, so allowing it to remain in its existing cage is best.  If the cage is in acceptable condition, it will be given to the foster to house the bird.


    What if I don’t have a good cage?

    Don’t worry, we receive generous donations of cages from time to time and will pull resources together to provide a proper cage for the bird while it’s with a foster family.