At STAR, our volunteers play an important role keeping the organization running smoothly. We have tons of volunteer opportunities available. Whether you're tech savvy, like clerical work, or enjoy being with people, or just love playing with birds, we've got a spot for you! We're always on the hunt for good volunteers.

STAR does not have a brick and mortar location. This means we rely heavily on volunteer fosters to house our birds until they find their forever home. If you love birds we would LOVE to have you on our foster team. Don't worry, you can choose the breed of birds you feel most comfortable with. Our fosters love restoring faith in our rescued birds, playing with them, teaching them to trust again if necessary and introducing them to a friendly household environment.

STAR believes strongly in educating the community on parrot ownership and bird behaviors. We teach bird care classes to adoptive families and enjoy visiting schools, offices and community events to show off our feathered friends. Allowing the public to interact with the birds teaches them the joys of bird ownership while also educating them on the care necessary to own a parrot.

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